Kl Sentral – Padang Besar

EG942010:4516:335h 48m
EP927822:5004:185h 28m
EP928617:0522:345h 29m
EP927207:0812:415h 33m
EP927409:5015:235h 33m
EP927618:3100:045h 33m

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Kl Sentral – Padang Besar

To travel from KL Sentral station in Kuala Lumpur to Padang Besar station in Padang Besar, you can take an ETS (Electric Train Service) train. The journey will take around 5.30 hours and fare will depend on the class of service you choose (economy or business). It’s recommended to check the timetable and fare on the website and Book train tickets in advance.

Padang Besar is the border station between Malaysia and Thailand, so you should have a valid passport to cross the border if you plan to continue your journey to Thailand.

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